If you’re running a busy hotel, you will know that lighting plays a huge role in the guest experience. Hospitality is undoubtedly among the industries that heavily rely on lighting to help create a memorable brand and enjoyable stay.

At Harled Lighting, we are specialists in the hotel space, and have helped a range of hospitality businesses achieve the wow factors through effective lighting design. We have more than 20 years’ experience in working with a range of brands – from independent boutique hotels to national resorts and chains.

Hotel Lighting Harled

What is hotel lighting?

Hotel lighting is any form of lighting that you have installed in your venue. This encompasses everything from how you light the exterior of your property to the type of lights you have installed in its bedrooms, common areas and staff rooms. A hotel has many different areas within it, each with a variety of purposes. You’ll need to think about everything from bedroom lighting to your staff kitchen – and each room will require a different design that enhances its functionality.

Why is hotel lighting important?

Hotel lighting is extremely important – for both your guests and your staff. For guests, it helps to create a warm, inviting and exciting ambience, lifting their mood from the moment they step inside. Lighting helps to distinguish between areas, so that your guests will go from feeling welcomed at the reception to feeling cozy in their private rooms. Lighting can make or break a hotel’s design; you can spend all the money in the world on furnishings, decor and fittings, but if your lighting is poor, you won’t be making the best of the features you’ve created.

What is the process that Harled follow?

Here at Harled Lighting, we take an all encompassing approach to hotel lighting design. We see a job through from start to finish, and provide project management throughout so that you can focus on running your business. Hotels – particularly larger resorts – can be extremely complex projects when it comes to lighting design, due to their many different facilities and their sheer size. We can take on lighting design for just one part of your hotel – or the entire establishment.

Before we start working on your design, we will first visit your property to carry out an assessment of your lighting needs. Our full lighting design service includes a free lighting survey, through which we will help you understand the performance of your current lighting set-up, as well as how this could be improved through more effective lighting design.

Upon our appointment, we will produce a range of CAD format drawings after taking a full briefing from you on what you would like to achieve through the project. These drawings will show you exactly what the lighting will look like once it’s installed, including how it will accentuate your hotel aesthetics. We also produce a range of 3D visuals to help bring to life our designs before you have them installed.

Energy calculations and management

Harled Lighting are specialists in saving energy through effective lighting design. Running a hotel can be hugely expensive, and ineffective lighting can contribute to unnecessarily high electricity bills. We can visit your hotel and provide calculations relating to monetary, kWh and carbon savings, so that you can see exactly what is possible with a high-quality lighting set up. We can also provide further information on payback and finance options, which can drastically reduce the long-term cost of your energy usage.

Once you are happy with your lighting design, it is then time to get it installed. We have been working with some of the best installation companies in the hotel business for more than 20 years, so are happy to provide our recommendations as part of our service.

So, if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Book in your free lighting survey today, for your no-obligation visit from us. We are confident that, after working for us, your hotel will have the wow factor that it truly deserves, and your guests will feel excited and welcome in your beautiful venue.