If you are project managing the design of an industrial interior, lighting is one of your most important considerations. Industrial establishments, such as factories, are used for a variety of manufacturing tasks, cleaning, alterations and repairs, and therefore need robust, practical and durable lighting systems. Here at Harled Lighting, we have more than 20 years’ experience working with a range of industrial clients, designing effective lighting that can aid a range of purposes.

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What is industrial lighting?

Industrial lighting is any form of lighting that is installed on your premises. This can take on a range of forms, such as spotlights, ceiling lights, incandescent lamps – and many more. Your lighting considerations should also encompass both interior and exterior needs, and should be effectively designed to minimise operating costs and carbon usage.

Why is industrial lighting important?

Industrial lighting is extremely important to the successful running of a factory. Without effective lighting, there is more room for human error, safety hazards and imprecision – and this can make your employees’ jobs unnecessarily difficult. With highly effective lighting design, you can enable your staff to do their best work and produce the best results.

What is the process that Harled follow?

If you are tasked with installing effective lighting for your industrial building, a good way to start is by giving us a call. We provide a full lighting design service from start to finish and provide project management throughout the process. Industrial lighting design is highly complex – there will be completely different considerations for different areas of the facility, as well as the type of industry you are in. You can feel assured that, when you leave your project with us, you’ll see high quality, functional designs that are taken to the installation stage.

We provide a series of detailed CAD drawings and 3D visuals to create our industrial lighting designs. We will regularly feed these visuals back to you throughout the process, giving you many opportunities to give your input. We work with you and your business every step of the way to make sure that the end product is a design that meets all your commercial goals.

Energy calculations and management

Here at Harled Lighting, we specialise in energy efficiency when we craft our designs. It is of prime importance for businesses to demonstrate a high level of energy efficiency, and we can help transform outdated, inefficient systems, replacing them with state-of-the-art, economical designs. Before starting your design, we will carry out a detailed on-site inspection of your entire lighting system. Your free lighting survey will include an assessment of your current costs and carbon usage, and will calculate the savings you could make with an optimal system.

We also provide further information on payback and financing options, which can further reduce the cost of your energy bills.

Installing your industrial lighting design

Once you are happy with your lighting design, you’ll be ready to have it installed. Harled works with a range of specialist industrial lighting installation companies, which we can recommend for your consideration. Again, we provide a full project management service, so work directly with the installers to set your system up smoothly and efficiently. You’re under no obligation to go with our recommendations; however, through 20 years of working in the industrial field, we’re working with some of the best installers in the country.

Book your free visit from Harled Lighting today

If you are looking to cut costs and increase revenue, the impact of good lighting design is likely to be significant. If you’d like to find out how we can help you achieve your lighting goals, please do get in touch and one of our experienced team members will be happy to have an initial chat.

We can then arrange a no-obligation visit to your property to carry out your free lighting survey. During our visit, we can also talk you through the many different lighting types in a little more detail, so you’re aware of the options. There are so many clever ways that lighting can transform a space and a business environment – and Harled Lighting is here to establish the optimal installations for your unique business needs.