The right lighting is one of the most significant factors in creating a safe and productive working environment. A well-designed and implemented lighting plan will have a positive effect on employees’ health and emotional wellness, leading to better productivity and higher levels of work satisfaction.

When considering plans for an efficient and positive office environment, having the right lighting in place is essential for staff well-being and optimum work levels. Lighting choices can supplement natural light and ensure that all areas of the office are practical, positive spaces. A careful use of different sources can delineate spaces and improve moods, appealing to visitors as well as staff.

Office Lighting Harled

What is office lighting?

Office lighting performs a range of functions: it supplements natural light, enables efficient working, and has a big impact on the overall environment for both staff and visitors. The main lighting options – fluorescent, incandescent and LED – can be suspended, recessed or fitted as panels. Different areas may require separate solutions to achieve the required outcome. Factoring in energy efficiency can also have a big impact on utility costs.

Why is office lighting important?

Office workers may well spend the major part of their daylight hours inside of the office. Too little light will lead to inefficiency. A reliance on bright, overhead lighting can interfere with mood and sleep patterns outside of the office, which will impact negatively on the workforce over time. Lighting also makes up a large part of any office building’s budget, making energy efficiency a key focus

What is the process that Harled follow?

we have years of experience in designing lighting solutions for office environments. To begin, we offer a free survey and inspection of your premises to help you understand your current set-up. Once you choose to go further, we will then provide a full design service from start to finish, incorporating project management throughout. We can involve you as much or as little as you would like in the process, but we always encourage our clients to give us as much information as possible about the type of environment they are looking to create. It’s also helpful to consider any upcoming changes in terms of the space and how it’s used and questions such as the need for areas where clients are seen or meetings take place. We’re always happy to build in features you may have seen and liked in existing light installations.

CAD format drawings and 3D visuals

Following this brief-building stage, our team of experienced commercial lighting designers will produce comprehensive CAD format drawings to help you visualise our recommendations. We’ll also create 3D visuals to demonstrate how your office will look after the work has been carried out. We like to work with your input through the entirety of the design journey, adapting drawings and visuals until you are completely satisfied with the result. Your feedback is vital throughout the entire design process

Energy calculations and management

At Harled Lighting, an important consideration of our design is energy efficiency. Your office lighting needs to perform at an optimum level at different times of day, and even at different times of the year: we are committed to ensuring that your system will be as efficient as possible. Poor lighting efficiency can lead to substantial extra running costs and increased carbon usage. We will visit and inspect each premises we work with, providing free lighting calculations and advice, focusing on cost, kwh and carbon usage. We can also provide information on energy payback, which can often be less than two years with the right system in place. There are also finance options available to help further reduce your lighting costs


Once your lighting design is finalised, we’ll make sure the installation happens with the maximum efficiency. We work with a range of lighting installation companies that regularly fit out systems for offices. We’re therefore happy to provide recommendations of some of the best companies in the field, should you require assistance in this area

Book in your visit and free survey today

We can visit your organisation and provide lighting calculations and free energy saving advice, providing accurate information on monetary, kWh and carbon savings. So, if you would like to find out more about lighting design and commercial energy efficiency, give us a call today. Our free lighting survey will help you see how lighting in your office can be maximised, leaving you in the best position to progress to the next step if you decide to.