Those that work within a warehouse will know the difference that good lighting can make. An effective lighting system will not only create a good environment for your employees, but it will also make it easier for them to do their jobs. Warehouses are often busy spaces, which house specialist machinery and equipment. Lighting is therefore also a safety feature, reducing operating dangers and aiding health and safety goals.

At Harled Lighting, we have been designing effective warehouse lighting for more than 20 years. Our experienced CAD designers have helped to transform a variety of warehouse spaces – from small sites to largescale industrial buildings. We understand the unique challenges of businesses that rely on warehouses, and work with site managers to identify the best lighting options.

What is warehouse lighting?

Warehouse lighting refers to the lighting system that is installed in your facility. It will often have been designed to complement the specific function of a warehouse, and may have been adapted depending on the nature of the business that uses it. Warehouse lighting incorporates a variety of installations, and will be present in some form throughout every room of your facility. Warehouse lighting design can help you to make the most of your facility, and effective design can help bring down operating costs and reduce carbon usage.

Why is warehouse lighting important?

Warehouse lighting is important as it will help your facility to function to its best potential. Lighting design is important in helping you to create a safe, efficient and functional space, and can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Poorly lit warehouses – or those that don’t use effective lighting design – can make your employees’ work more difficult and can be a completely unnecessary drain on your finances. These days, it is important to consider how your lighting system is impacting the environment too; an inefficient system will use excessive carbon, increasing your business’ carbon footprint.

What is the process that Harled follow?

As with all of our warehouse clients, we will visit your space before you appoint us to carry out an assessment of your lighting needs. We will work with you to understand the unique requirements of your business, it’s main functions and what problems you have with your current system. Upon appointment, we will then start working on an inclusive lighting design for your warehouse. We provide a full lighting design service, encompassing all aspects of creating a bespoke solution, and provide expert project management throughout the process.

As we design your warehouse lighting, we produce high quality CAD format drawings, to illustrate to you what your proposed system will look like. Alongside this, we produce attractive 3D visuals that further help you visualise your design. We encourage involvement from our clients throughout the process, and we will use your feedback to tweak your design until you’re happy with it.

Energy savings and management

At Harlec Lighting, we are specialists in creating warehouse lighting designs that can help you save energy. Energy efficiency is an important consideration for any modern building; the right lighting can drastically reduce both your carbon emissions and your costs. We can visit your organisation to provide lighting calculations and free energy saving advice, including accurate information on potential monetary, kwh and carbon savings. We also provide free information on energy payback schemes and finance options, which can help you save or spread the cost of electricity.

Running a warehouse can be expensive, and there are certain costs that can be a drain on your business operations. Many people don’t realise how much money they are wasting due to inefficient lighting systems. However, they are often pleasantly surprised when they learn that modern lighting systems not only look good, but can drastically cut costs.

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