Creating the right ambience is essential in the restaurant business – a warm, inviting space that is pleasing on the eye is likely to attract diners and therefore increase sales. Having the right type of lighting is a major contributor to the ambience of your restaurant – it can make all the difference for those deciding whether or not to step inside.

Harled is a leading lighting design and engineer firm with more than 20 years’ experience in working for hospitality businesses. We’ve helped a variety of restaurants – from small, independent diners to large food chains – to transform their spaces through intelligent use of lighting.

What is restaurant lighting?

Restaurant lighting encompasses any kind of light system installed in your establishment. There are many different types of restaurant lighting – and it is often used by the hospitality business to enhance a particular design, style or genre. When choosing which type of lighting to install, you should consider the various purposes of lighting used within your business – you’ll need attractive exterior lighting to draw attention to your storefront, ambient indoor lighting to create the right mood, and functional bright lights for those working in the kitchen.

Why is restaurant lighting important?

There are fewer industries that rely on the right lighting more than hospitality. Lighting plays a huge role in the type of clientele you attract, the amount of time people want to spend in your place and – most importantly – how satisfied they feel with their dining experience. Lighting that’s too bright may make people feel exposed and self-conscious, while lighting that doesn’t highlight your restaurant’s best features will act as a missed opportunity. The right lighting is also important for cost reasons; inefficient lighting systems can use up more energy than they need to, adding unnecessary costs to your operations.

What is the process that Harled follow?

We provide a full design service from start to finish. This starts by us arranging an initial consultation where we carry out a free lighting survey on your restaurant, which helps you to understand your current set-up. Within this survey, we offer free advice on how you can improve your system, with no obligation to use our services.

Upon appointment, we will take a full brief from you on your requirements, and what you want to achieve from installing a new lighting system. We’ll then work to create a series of high-quality CAD format drawings, through which we will recommend a new, cutting-edge design. This will also show you how the lighting system will fit into your restaurant, and how it will complement your overall design.

We also create beautiful 3D visuals, so that you can see what the finished result will look like. This gives you the opportunity to give us feedback, which we’ll incorporate into our final design.

Once you are happy with your design, it is time to install it. Harlec Lighting works with a range of installation companies across the country, and can recommend the right one to suit your needs. You’re under no obligation to appoint our recommended installers – however, we’re happy to advise on those that specialise in the restaurant industry. Throughout the 20 years we’ve been designing restaurant lighting systems, we’ve built great relationships with some of the most skilled professionals in the country.

Energy calculations and management

One of our main priorities when designing restaurant lighting is saving energy. It is good for the planet as well as your bottom line – and can make a real impact on your daily operations. We can visit your restaurant to assess your current set-up and work out lighting calculations free of charge. Upon our inspection, we’ll also provide free energy saving advice and accurate information relating to potential cost, kwh and carbon savings. We can also provide further information on energy payback and finance options, which can drastically reduce the cost of your lighting.

So, please call us today to speak through your project and arrange your free lighting survey. We’d be more than happy to talk you through our services and how we can help you create the “wow factor” in your restaurant.